Permanent Squirrel, Part 2

(being once again a joke within a rhyme)

You may remember Permanent Squirrel and Magpie--

One couldn't stop talking, and the other couldn't die;

And don't forget their pals Dream Baby and Coffee Sheep--

One remains awake while the other stays asleep.

Permanent Squirrel is a million and a day.

Magpie has a hundred thousand zillion things to say.

One wears out years;

The other, ears.

Coffee Sheep may safely be described as Type A,

While Dream Baby fills the world with Z's all day.

One wants cream,

The other, dreams.

Oh why was the lesbian jealous of the whale?

Did it have more fun

With its seventeen-foot tongue?

Or was it something else, something other, instead?

Was it cos the whale can breathe through a hole atop its head?

Permanent Squirrel likes to ponder things all day,

While Magpie does her processing by chattering away;

Alert for the answers Coffee Sheep has always been,

While Dream Baby likes to look for wisdom from within.

One is eternal;

The second quite verbal.

One has eyes like plates;

Another is insensate.

Now they must return to the place from whence they came--

To curl up and hide

Inside Fireblossom's brain.



TALON said…
And what a fascinating place they get to dwell in. :)
hedgewitch said…
Allow me to misquote Poe: All that we can drink or smoke / is but a joke within a joke. And I can see how a Third Nostril would be MUCH more practical in so many cases than a Third Eye...(For me, when I get a cold, actually)
With such a cast of characters, the tales will never end my friend. Keep on telling 'em.
Lynn said…
Golly - you have the best imagination of anyone I know!
Sara said…
Shay -- I love it when you get into the rhyme:~) This was fun to read and very, very clever. My favorite was the ending.

Guess what I found the name of the song you were asking about at my site. It's called "Is This Love?" and here's a video link:

I hope it brings back fond memories:~)
Daryl said…
Sounds like the place to be
Sherry Blue Sky said…
So much fun, so brilliantly witty. I dont know how you do it, but I am so happy that you do. I look forward to being royally entertained in the process! I love these characters, that wear our years and ears.
Cloudia said…
I seriously find great balance, wit, and raw poetry in your work. you should be "discovered."

Oh, you have been...

and your whole snarky gutsy comment-persona rocks!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral


Cloudia said…
old wimmin's joke:
"diff between a lesbian and a whale?
3 pounds and a flannel shirt..."

second date U-Haul?
Jannie Funster said…
Inside Fireblossom's brain is a fine place indeed to be. Thanks for sharing it.

Cloudia said…
"Butch in the streets
femme in the sheets"
You, Tiger-friend, BLOW my MIND with your wit, wisdom, words and wow-inspiring honesty.xoxox
mac said…
That hole in the top of the head concept fascinates me ;-)

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