The Afternoon of Lost Opportunity

The Stone Jockey's career is going poorly.

He is from Argentina,

But everyone always assumes he is from Easter Island.

When he approaches the horses,

They panic;

And even though he regards them with only the tenderest affection,

He can never get near them.

The Stone Jockey sits on a bench in the park, trying to relax,

But there is a problem with pigeons.

A woman walks by,

And though he regards her with only the tenderest affection,

He knows it is hopeless--

He will never get near her.

This particular woman

Is a part-time fashion model.

She lives on Diet Pepsi and cocaine,

And speaks only Romanian.

"If I had one wish," says the Stone Jockey to the pigeons on his head,

"I would wish to be the lightest feather in the wing of an angel."

He imagines this angel to be the coked-up fashion model, who is hurrying away to meet her connection, a man named Raoul.

If she had come over and kissed the Stone Jockey instead,

His head would have split open

In an earthquake of happiness,

And his soul would have risen and fluttered

Like the mane of a white Arabian

In the wind.



Riot Kitty said…
Diet Pepsi and cocaine! Sounds like people I went to college with.
mac said…
Poor little(?) stone fella.
steveroni said…
My head split open

In a tornado of happiness,

And my soul rose and fluttered

Like the white mane and tail of a horse, blowin' in the Arabian wind.

steveroni a.k.a., Raoul

Lagniappe: It was over as quickly as it had begun, Whoooosh!

Fireblossom, I just loved playing with your wonderful, carefully chosen words--promise, it will not happen ever again!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (That ginger Ale really packs a wallop!)
TALON said…
You have a truly unique and amazing imagination - and a gift with imagery.

I hope he finds his Princess Charming!
G-Man said…
There is a horse buried under that poor Jockey?

Brilliant as usual...

Have a Kick Ass New Year My Beautiful, creative, and witty friend...G
Anonymous said…
Oh I know the type of woman you're describing, Diet pepsi and cocaine. Horrible shame it is. Malnutrition and addiction as a way of life. And a bitch all the time from repressed hunger.

That is a powerful poem.

Mama Zen said…
The imagery in this one is absolutely amazing!
Dul├že ♥ said…
We know so well that kind of woman and men...
Brilliant ;)
Daryl said…
I am so old it was Tab & coke ...

Romanian .. an interesting language .. ;-)
Anonymous said…
It's hard to be stone.
There is genius in it and I'll tell you why. You tap right away into my emotions by making me feel his isolation and longing. It fills me with thoughts of how hard a life sustained on not but "Diet Pepsi and cocaine" must be that when compared to the fruitless longings of a Stone Jockey it seems more terrifying.
Thanks for sharing this with me.
Warmest regards,
Joanna Jenkins said…
Every time I visit I'm surprised and impressed. You have a great way with words. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Kay said…
where does it come from? always so creative, energetic, heart-felt...i just love reading your masterpieces!

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