A kitchen is a fine place to hatch a plot.

I will be your confederate--

The most agreeable evil

You ever met.

The sun falls through the curtains

Like fingertips on skin,

As we bring out the magicks--




We work as if we were zealots

In basements, printing up pamphlets,

For the purblind left, or the palsied right--

Except that we are subversives

Of a different stripe.

We will lull them,

Make them lazy--

Say there's no more,

Make them crazy;

Then, when they are helpless,

We shall withdraw and decide our demands--

They shall be many,

And capricious;

Not from need, these wicked plans, but simply because

We can.

Art by Pablo Picasso


ellen abbott said…
Cookies are a fine innocent.
Riot Kitty said…
It's a deal! Be my confederate!
Anonymous said…
Very tricky! I love it when I see that you have a new post!

This is a great one!

Cloudia said…
You got da MoJo!!!

Aloha, Poetess

Comfort Spiral
TALON said…
Baked goods would hold me captive. And I can only imagine the baker's capricious demands ;)
Tabitha Bird said…
The most agreeable evil ever- I love that. Beautiful!
Ileana said…
Miss Scarlet, in the kitchen, with a meat cleaver...

Let's play Clue, Miss Shay! ;)

Your beautiful poetry has, once again, inspired me.
Vesper said…
I absolutely love this, Shay. What a delightful, playful rhythm it has! Excellent. :-)
the walking man said…
Ah if you are the most agreeable evil met then I would have to say on my own wicked friends I would have to lay my bet.

They plot, they hatch, they are weird, they all want and to devise a plan to flea dip my beard.
Jannie Funster said…
This gave me shivers and I'm not even sure why. But that's the magic of good poetry. It just is. And does.

p.s. a slight scheduling bump, scary clown this coming Monday. really!!

Debbie said…
Sugar, flour and cinnamon? You can't go wrong with those.
Daryl said…
because we can ...

love it
Unknown said…
Oh a brilliant plan, hatched in a kitchen with cooking magick? Can it be? Of course..with you and me...and why...well you said it..we can..

love ya
Unknown said…
I do so love poetry subcribing to the simple acts in living.....this is a wonderful little piece of you.
Mama Zen said…
I love the rhythm!

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