A large, older man walks in the employee entrance at the back of Danny's Coffee Shop,

And in a voice like an old tractor starting up, says,

"Good morning, ladies."

"Good morning, Dannyyyyy!" they sing back.

God, hurrying past with an order, stops to plant one on his cheek.

She lifts her heel as she does this.

Being kissed by God is a fine way to start the day.

Another waitress, Denise, chirps, "Hi Hot Stuff!" as she whizzes by.

So much caffeine!

The man's name is really Dmitri Danzipopoulos, but everyone just calls him Danny.

He is 72 years old.

Although he is Greek, his place does not serve gyros.

But the coffee,

Oh the coffee,

Is like lightning light on satin sheets;

It makes your eyes go wide like a cat's, when the nip mouse comes out.

He makes his way into the shop and sees the Succubus.

"You were in my dreams last night," he tells her.

"Is that so?" says the Succubus, the corner of her mouth turning up ever so slightly.

"That's right." His voice is like that of a chain-smoking rhinoceros.

He adds,

"You were a nun."

The Succubus snorts.

"You wanted me to go with you to the horse track, but I wouldn't. I was too pious." He drawls out the last word.

The Succubus laughs.

Have you ever seen a laughing succubus? They're rare.

"Fuck you," she says, sipping her latte, but she's smiling.

"Some talk for a nun."

Then he spots the Queen Of The Vampires curled up on the end of the counter.

"Get off there, you mangy cat!" he growls.

She wakes up and snarls, swiping at him with her fearsome claws, missing his nose by only the width of a coffee stirrer.

He doesn't flinch. "And you owe me for two new booths."

"Rowww," she says, which means, "I lub you, you old coot."

Vampire Queens rarely speak this way to anyone.

Once, a Starbuck's opened up across the street.

There were problems from the start, as if supernatural forces were arrayed against it.

The night of the big fire, Chloe was seen walking across the road, or really, sort of half dancing.

Anyone close enough would have heard her singing, in her cool clear voice,

"Start me up..."

Chloe bears not the slightest resemblance to Mick Jagger,

But she likes his songs.

The little bell above the door rings, and here comes the mail.

As she sets Danny's letters next to the cash register,

God, Denise, the Succubus, the QOTV, and Chloe all go,

"Thanks, Shayyyyy!"

"wOOt!" thinks Shay.

Danny's Coffee Shop is her favorite delivery.



Shadow said…
your little coffee shop is alive in my mind because of you!
TALON said…
How dare Starbucks think they could infiltrate!
Riot Kitty said…
This is like a darker Garrison Keillor.
'Is like lightning light on satin sheets;' I love this line and love even better the idea of a coffee shop with heart triumphs over the commonplace Starbuck.
You have a great week.
Anonymous said…
Starbucks--overpriced commerciality.

I would drink it where QOTV drinks!

(((Chloe))) she's a mean, mean machine.
Mama Zen said…
Burn, baby, burn!
Cloudia said…
*Clap Clap!* BRAVA!!!!!

Shay is MY favourite deliverer!


"It makes your eyes go wide like a cat's, when the nip mouse comes out."

You are my nipmouse!

aloha, postalpoetess

Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral
the walking man said…
You meet the most interesting beings where the coffee is lightening bolts thrown from the hand of Zeus.
Daryl said…
Start me up .. my fav ringtone
Ileana said…
Who needs gyros when you can get "lightning on satin sheets" at Danny's...not to mention a visit from the sexiest mail carrier on the planet? ;)

Love this one, Miss Shay!
Dul├že ♥ said…
I need to go there NOW!

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