Novena For A Nonce Word

Every hopeless cause has its adherents--

Spouting doubletalk,

Holding down day jobs.

Look at old Zeus, with his television and his Tylenol--

While Athena

Does what she will,

Out all night

With her owl to guide her home down the flagstones in the morning.

It is some kind of holiday--

Bastille Day, or

Crow's Easter, who knows?

It isn't true that photographs steal souls,

But time does.

Let others riot in the streets--

All women hold the hours in their hands,

And so it is wise to kiss her wrists,

Her hip,

Hold the shell in your fingers,

Taste the halved apple,

Preserve her name on a silver chain around your throat, and if she remembers you


Next week,

Next year,

You will own a delicious secret;

Remember it when you are old and invisible,

Sweeping the flagstones in the morning as Athena goes lightly past,

Someone's name on her lips

As yours once was--


Our Lady Of Impossible Causes,

Is it so unlikely to think that

Someone, somewhere

Still lights a candle

For you?



mac said…
Thank you.

This is so right on time for me.

I hope to own that delicious secret someday.
Cloudia said…
for me?

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral
Riot Kitty said…
I love this - I don't know if I have told you, but there's a joke in my family that I was a virgin birth, springing out of my dad's head like Athena and Zeuss :)
Anonymous said…
Time steals from us, yes it does, it always has, until the end of time.

the walking man said…
The candle is always the first thing lit...when I have a match to spare.
Shadow said…
there is someone out there??? for me??? you think??? what a beautiful poem, shay!
Jeannie said…
I've often wondered...when I light a candle for those in my past, if they ever do the same.
Mama Zen said…
Shay, this is amazing.
TALON said…
Such imagery - Mount Olympus has whole new dimensions in my imagination now.

It would be wonderful to be remembered when all seems lost...
Daryl said…
I am going to be re-reading this over and over.. keep an eye open for Mr Cohen, he is on his way to you!
Dul├že ♥ said…
my light as that candle...
Your fire burns and hurts... so sensually.
Unknown said…
Oh to be the whisper on her lips, the thought and the silver name around her make this sound so amazing, so vulnerable and yet so strong.

Thank you as amaze.

love ya
Ileana said…
I'm sure SOMEone SOMEwhere lights a candle for me...and his wife probably blows it out.

And speaking of "delicious secrets," have you checked out I'm addicted to it!
Kay said… refreshing, enlightened one :)
Joanna Jenkins said…
You just keep getting better and better. This was wonderful.

Thank you.
Vesper said…
This breaks my heart... but in what an exquisite way... :-)

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