Dear one,

Nothing could make me stop loving you.

I may say, "you're perfect"

But my heart is most often moved to tenderness

Because you're not.

Love of mine,

It may be that the deepest joys have sorrow at their root.

I may say, "this is forever"

But I cherish you as fiercely as I do

Because it isn't.



Riot Kitty said…
That last part is so true. How do you do it?!
Tabitha Bird said…
I love that last line. "I may say, "this is forever" But I cherish you as fiercely as I do because it isn't. LOVE THAT! so true.
mac said…
I may say, "this is beautiful"

Because, eventhough it's painful,

it is still so.
steveroni said…
These are the most loving love-words, Shay--I don't even wish to read them, just hear them with eyes closed. They are too sacred to be seen...

This is "heart-and-soul" stuff.
Blessings everywhere! all sincerity!
Shadow said…
love hasn't, isn't and won't be perfect. love is what it is!
Dul├že ♥ said…
It is but it's not- Yes Such is loving, such is love
Kelly said…
two sighing poems, back to back. i will be selfish and say - this poem is definitely me! lol... love it x
Marion said…
Life and love are fleeting and your poem captures the elusiveness of both. I love it. Blessings!
Anonymous said…
Should we be brave enough to admit it, then we'd say "Nothing is Forever!"

TALON said…
So true - our imperfections make us beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful...just beautiful.
Last night my 19 yr old son and I watched a movie called 500 Days of Summer, this poem reminded me of that movie.
Joanna Jenkins said…
You blow me away every time!
Great job.
RachelW said…
Such beauty and rich longing in this. The feeling is so very real to me.
Cloudia said…
Another gem.
Be sure to visit my blog tomorrow for a surprise, Shay...

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral
So - so true.

Well delivered.
AS usual ;)
Unknown said…
Brilliant really as always! The truth never more lovingly stated, sadly nothing does last forever and our loves and our love does go on, even and in spite of ourselves.

Much love to you Shay!

G <3

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