Prayer To The Mother Goddess

Spirit Mother,

It is me, your child--

The one shaken from your hair and falling.

I find myself


An Earth girl, set loose and wandering,

Never sure

If I am the stone,

The stream,

Or just the sound they make when dipped together into moving time.

Spirit Mother,

What is this homesickness?

I know--

A loftier view has been mine,

But sometimes,

When I look in the mirror

(though I know I carry your kiss)

I cannot find the Divine.

Am I a note

In a song I can't conceive?

This heaviness,

This body-ness,

This painful separation,

Is temporary, I know.

Everything I touch, breathe, or stand upon

Will melt and blow away, and me with it.

Spirit Mother,

Please tell me it's a circle and not a door--

Which, having turned,

Returns me to your hair

Blessed and at peace

Once more.



the walking man said…
One needs be shaken from the hair in order to find the way back. It is in returning that the appreciation for the place you left arrives with you.
Anonymous said…
You are some poet and writer. This is a very peaceful prayer-like poem.

Shadow said…
you are a creator of worlds with beauty, freeing the imagination of others. thank you for the flight!
Jinksy said…
The wheel of life always turns in circles...
ellen abbott said…
Oh Shay, such a sweet sigh.
That picture, it's as if she's an artichoke come to life, so intriguing. This poem reminds me of all my January women, mother figures all: my Irish and French grandmothers, my mother, my step-mother, and my mother-in-law. All of them gone now, and I feel homesick for their earthly energy.
Kay said…
i would quote a favorite line, but one after another, each thought...embracing. i love it!
mac said…
This is spirituality even a jaded guy like me can get behind.

Riot Kitty said…
You will find the Divine. I am sure of it! :)
Anonymous said…
I really like this part
"When I look in the mirror

(though I know I carry your kiss)

I cannot find the Divine."

Sometimes it is hard to find the divine. I just didn't have the words to describ the feeling before.
Mama Zen said…
This really touched me.
Dul├že ♥ said…
This is the sweetest thing I've read from you, my dear Shay... You've moved me!!! How come? I sigh...

Lots of LOVE ;)
TALON said…
So beautiful. I tend to believe it's circles and I love the flow here - the end flows back into the beginning again, unending - a circle of prayer.
sheila said…
Beautiful, I really like your blogging style! I'm over from Jannie's today.
Kelly said…
you took the words right out of my mouth... xxx

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