Happy 101. The Blue Edition

Joanna, at The Fifty Factor posted this little meme and left it in the "free, take one" pile, so I swiped it and ran like hell. Oh all right, my running days are over. I looked around, slipped one into my shoulder bag and walked quickly away with my chin up and my dark glasses on. Now here I am, at home with the door locked, toying with it, deciding what to do with it now that I've got it.

There are rools. I do about as well with rools as Linda Blair does with holy water. I am supposed to post the little icon, list ten things that make me happy, and then pass it on to ten bloggers. I'm getting a little tremor in my pinky finger just from thinking about rools. And some of the bloggers I might pass it on to, did the thing already and didn't pass it on to me. I could be mature and rational, and simply realize that they don't have to pass it on to me if they don't choose to, and that, after all, it is only a meme. Nah. I am sharpening my labrys. *smile*

As you may have intuited already, Fireblossom isn't happy today. In fact, she is blue, blue as the ocean deep. (omg...hackneyed!). I feel about as chipper as a snail in a salt mine. As light-hearted as a homophobe on an Olivia cruise. Okay, let's do this happiness thing.

1. CHOCOLATE. Duh. My very favorites are Girardelli brownies with chocolate chips in them. Better than sex. Better than drugs. Better than anything.

2. CSI: Miami. Okay, about one episode in ten is too gory/weird for me and I can't watch it. I am really such a cupcake sometimes. BUT, Eva Larue is on this show, as CSI Natalia Boa Vista, and she is just so so sooooooo, omfg. Erudite, aren't I? I also like Horatio (Ho-ray-shee-o, Scarlet. LOL) Cane. David Caruso plays him. I love the way some bozo will run away through thirteen buildings, jump in a speedboat, crash onto the beach thinking he's gotten away, and there will be Horatio, standing there with his hands on his hips and his sunglasses on, saying, "Mister X. We meet again." How cool is that man? Very cool, class. I also like Eric. Yep, it's true, I do. And ya just GOT to like Calliegh Duquesne. She's one southern belle who will take you down, clown. Oh yeah!

3. Bosco, my dog. The handsomest, smartest, most loyal, bravest, best companion the world has ever known. Mama may be the tiniest bit biased. But still!

4. Music. I just this very day received a Leonard Cohen tribute cd from the incomparable Daryl. Thank you, Ma'am! I have loved music from the time I was a tiny child. I drove my family insane. I would pluck out 78s from my father's old collection (which he never played in my lifetime), and when I found one I liked, I would play the living bejesus out of it, until someone removed me bodily from the vicinity of the record player. I still have some of my own first LPs: Mary Hopkin, Rita Coolidge, Sarah Kernochan, Tim Buckley, Janis Joplin, It's A Beautiful Day. My late father (do ya know how much i love ya, Daddy? Do ya?) refused to buy me "that sort of music" when I asked for a Beatles album at age eleven, but he would bring me home classical stuff and New Orleans jazz. I still like all that stuff. I like everything from Vivaldi to Ultravox. And, you know, the Beatles. *grin*

5. Books. Double duh. Poet, hello. I can still remember my favorite corner of the grade school library. I was partial to Dr. Seuss. And later, biographies. Teddy Roosevelt, Black Hawk, Lafayette. Blame my father again. He used to read American history to me as a bedtime story. The house I grew up in was just filled with books. Occasionally, I would go on scouting expeditions, and I especially liked finding those old "Strange But True" paperbacks. Can you tell? LOL. These days I mostly read fiction written by female authors. Currently I am midway through "Blood Sisters: Lesbian Vampire Tales." What were you expecting? Danielle Steele?

6. Cooking (and eating). I love to cook. It's creative, it's relaxing, it generates wonderful smells and anticipations. Very sensual stuff, food. I love it!

7. Women. I love to be around other women. I love the feminine energy, the way women express themselves, the way we look at the world, the devil in a great many of us, too. All of my life, women have made sense to me. Men, not so much. There is one woman who completely loses me, though, and I think it's mutual. We love each other, but warily, from across a great chasm. Hi Mom.

8. Nature. So beautiful she is. Some of you, like Talon, capture her so well with a camera, that it takes my breath away. And, of course, the best thing is to take a walk with the Lady herself. I love to lose myself on a nature trail, or to sit by moving water. I love to hear the birds or watch different creatures go about their business. Living in Michigan, where we have four distinct seasons, Mama Nature can be quite the show off. Strut, woman! At the risk of sounding repetitious, my father was a great lover of nature, too. I hope they have cabins in Heaven.

9. Snark. (see #7). Witty women with an edge rule. I don't even mind if it's aimed at me. But, you know, the misfortunes of others are always the most amusing, dahling.

10. Scents. Agreeable scents are one of life's great joys, to me. Candles, food, clean laundry, little ones you love, flowers, spices. Sniffffffffffffff.

11. Breaking rools. Breaking rools makes me soooooooooo happyyyyyyy! But still. I'm blue today. Everything sucks. No one likes me. Where's the chocolate?



Mama Zen said…
I love when you do these type of memes. So much, in fact, that I intend to make you do every single one that I come across in the future!
I like that idea Mama Z.
mac said…
With your list, I'll have to agree,
except number THREE.
My girl is so pretty, see
She is thje best that could ever be
...but maybe that's just me

Pack that frown,
send it out of town.
There's joy to be found...
just look around
Ileana said…
First of all, my dahling, you must know EVERYBODY simply ADORES you...whether they let you know it or never show it, it's true (so don't be blue)!

I don't watch any of the Miami shows...but when you mentioned Horatio, I thought of an old DJ friend in NY. He'd say (in his thick Spanish accent), "This is Horacio de Jesus Martinez...and that was 'Estar Me Oh' by the Rrrolling Stones!" and crack me up every time!

"Oh, Vienna..." I love Ultravox, Chica!
You did 11!!! I love that you did 11.
Riot Kitty said…
Hope you are feeling better! I'm no good with Rools :) either.
TALON said…
I hope your blue mood shifts from indigo to periwinkle because a periwinkle blue mood is sweet, but an indigo takes major chocolate and lots of Bosco snuggles to lighten. And I look forward to the beautiful poetry that will emerge from the blue muse.

Thank you for the lovely compliment, Shay.

And for the record - I like you very much. :)
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hey! I made a double batch of Girardelli brownies today! Great minds....? I'll eat some in your honor.

#7 is hysterical.

And cheer up. Everybody here likes you :-)

Tabitha Bird said…
Oh, I like you. I'd send chocolate if I could :)

I like breaking ROOLS too. LOL :)
Anonymous said…
Not much TV for me CSI and Criminal Minds, and the Good Wife.

I love the outdoors, especially open spaces.
Shadow said…
hunny, i may not know you but i'm sure i'd love being with you if we ever met, your list sounds very agreeable to me...
Fireblossom said…
Thank you, everyone, for your comments and calls. They raised my spirits. :-)
Kay said…
I'd have to say....are you not me???? :) You've listed all my favorite things too...aside from not knowing Bosco, but dog-lover nontheless, I think he's great too! :)
Daryl said…
I am so happy I was able to unfunk you a bit.. I think your daddy did you a huge favor .. sometimes you need to hear/experience the sounds those 'modern' musicians got their chops from!
Anonymous said…
Love your list.

Moms are hard sometimes (I just stay away from the subject on my blog because my mom reads it and I'm not brave enough.)

Books and chocolate are two of my most favorite things in the world.

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