The Winter Queen

The Winter Queen, cold majesty,

So austere and harsh--

Will scatter your bones where the cat tails grow,

Down by the summer marsh.

Ice in all its forms

Are her wolves arrayed in pack;

You cannot love her and live--

You cannot seek her and ever go back.

Her hair is made of crows,

And January or June, it's winter where she goes;

She hates fire, she loves night,

And keeps her heart well out of sight.

Do you remember,

Little fool,

When the fluttering cardinal was her lips?

Do you recall

Her naked skin,

Her throat, her breasts, her ribs?

The Winter Queen, cold majesty,

Her favor gone frost instead--

Has scattered your bones where the cat tails grow,

Now frozen hard and dead.



Riot Kitty said…
Beautiful. Why are you up so late?!
Anonymous said…
No comment really, I just like to read it over and over!

Fareed said…
Such diety of brutal winds and piercing flakes may consume me anyday =)
Shadow said…
frozen beauty is still beauty...
Dul├že ♥ said…
Oh my goddessness!!!
That queen I need in my life- terrific and terrifying... YES, let's!
Ileana said…
Even knowing their fate, who can resist her? Lovely poem, Shay!
ellen abbott said…
The winter queen. How fast warmth turns to frost.
TALON said…
Love the fluttering cardinal as her lips. Beautiful poem.
mac said…
She has ice in her veins
Still she fascinates,
just the same.

Her heart is cold, like ice
but I would not think twice
for to be hers would be nice....
Anonymous said…
It's a beautiful poem, but I think I'm ready for the Summer Queen.

We've had quite enough snow already this year.
steveroni said…
I thought about this, Fireblossom. My decision: I would follow this Queen of winter, if she guaranteed my cremation...a great fiery death.

Would she then melt or die also? Tristan Und Isolde? Maybe? See...I AM a romantic! Maybe?
Daryl said…
Another touching lyric .. you may call them poems but every time I read one it plays in my head like a song
Mama Zen said…
Daryl is right. I heard this as song as well.
"She's so cold, she's so c-c-c-c-cold.."

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