Winter Jasmine

If you sleep with the winter,

You will move slowly through deep blue dreams,

Filled with pale lovers whose eyes are the color of ancient glaciers.

If you have the soul of summer,

You will want to wrap the winter in rose blooms, jasmine, and mint;

You will love her for her stillness,

Her self-possession,

And her very remove,

All the while unable to stop yourself from trying to warm her

With your love

Your body

And your ridiculous hopes.

She will be drawn to you,

And you will think, "Ah! I am the one to save her."

Woman, she does not need saving from herself,

And she will naturally go on, as ever, being who she is.

But you,

Having failed to change her with your intoxicating night blooms,

May find that you have succeeded in altering yourself;

And may wander for some time

Through deep blue dreams of impenetrable ice.



Mama Zen said…
This is unbelievably beautiful.
Debbie said…
Lovely. I love the picture of changing oneself while trying to change another.
Anonymous said…
You have outdone yourself with this incredible poem!

steveroni said…
And you will think, "Ah! I am the one to save her."

Ahh, we men. Can we not just live and love and stop trying to be everything for everybody? We ARE fools! Growth might then happen sooner--and better!

Shay, I responded to your comment on my blog (thank you):

FIREBLOSSOM: Sorry about the joke..but was still hoping you might comment. I just like knowing your spirit is lurking somewhere near.
Ileana said…
I agree with Debbie...and btw, no hope is ridiculous (if you think about it). ;)
Riot Kitty said…
I am looking forward to the day when someone focuses on YOU this way and it will happen! :)
ellen abbott said…
Intoxicating night blooms? Ahhh, Shay.

I would like to love winter if she just wasn't so damn cold.
Through deep blue dreams of impenetrable ice.

What a line!
Cloudia said…
"Through deep blue dreams of impenetrable ice."

I am your biggest fan
TALON said…
Opposites attract and opposites repel...

And who wouldn't want to warm up such a captivating creature as Winter?
mac said…
we know we can't change her, but we still try.
We think it was never worth the change we affected upon ourselves, but, somehow, it is.
Jinksy said…
An intensely moving and beautiful poem you've created here.
Anonymous said…
I love this one.

Very wise.
Shadow said…
can winter ever be tamed? only if she allows...
Daryl said…
Hard to come to terms with but accepting the one(s) we love just as they are saves a lot of Kleenex
Dul├že ♥ said…
But those ridiculous hopes keep us writing and feeling this so special love...
Shay, This is absolutely lyrical and beautiful.
I had the soul of summer in my 20's but I've long recovered from the silly girl who held tight the belief that change was possible in harsh winter.
I love the way your mind works.
You have a lovely week.
Kelly said…
wisely said and beautifuly conveyed baby~shay x
Shark Butt said…
Wow, I don't even have any other words, but wow. You nailed it.
Jannie Funster said…
Okay, to say this is too beautiful would be just getting pukingly redundant for me and your poetry at this point.

But this is so so beautiful, Shay.

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